Is a set of beliefs that varies region by region and has a good many consequences in everyday life, African witchcraft is in many respects similar to corresponding sets of beliefs found among peoples of other continents. African systems, however, are of great interest because they have some unique features and because they have provided material for the formulation of definitions and the development of theories of worldwide application.

African witches in the generic sense, including sorcerers are believed to harm others either because they possess powers of which they may not be aware and which their fellows find incomprehensible that emanate from their aberrant personalities or because they perform antisocial magic, technically referred to as “sorcery” Furthermore, they resemble witches in other continents in that they are believed to employ certain species of animals and, in some instances, spirits or humanoid creatures as their servants, messengers, or familiars. Familiars are sometimes reputed to drive their owners to their evil practices.
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